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At Digital Science, we understand that context is key to making the best decisions. That is why we bring together data from the broadest array of different sources to give you industry-leading insights.  Additionally, many of the Digital Science team have research or healthcare backgrounds, and therefore understand first-hand the challenges that researchers face. To work effectively, researchers and companies need a reliable and consistently updated source of information. That information also needs to be comprehensive and inclusive as otherwise, in isolation, data may easily lead to the wrong conclusions.

We can provide you with the information you need to make “data-driven” decisions. Going beyond data analysis and interpretation, we provide you with the expertise you need to use data as an essential input into decision-making.

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The world’s largest linked research information dataset

  • 117m publications from 86k journals, 49 preprint servers and over 1m books
  • 6m grants worth more than 1.9 trillion USD from 600 funders worldwide
  • 8m datasets from over 900 repositories worldwide
  • 583K policy documents, 622k clinical trials, and 135m patents from 130 countries

A unique mixture of academic and mainstream sources help build a more complete picture of research impact

  • Our system scans a manually curated list of over 9,000 academic and non-academic blogs and over 2,000 media outlets every day. We’ve captured over 10m mentions so far
  • We also provide public policy sources, Wikipedia citations, and have captured over 134m social media mentions

The leading platform for patent data analytics

  • Bibliographic data from DocDB, the EPO master documentation database covering data from over 90 countries
  • Legal status from Inpadoc, a database produced by the EPO covering over 40 international patent authorities
  • Legal status data from our Chinese data source
  • Bibliographic and full-text data from national patent offices – see the full list here

Embedding Context into Your Decision-Making Processes

Research policies and strategies are built on deep insights. Digital Science’s modern research information tools not only provide high-quality, multi-faceted data to inform your view of the research landscape, but also make those data interoperable with your own systems.  Building insight is iterative – Digital Science has created not only analysis-ready data but also a computer-ready platform; a range of truly affordable tools that empower your decisions.

Collaborating and Co-Creating Your Insights

For clients and partners who wish to explore the potential to generate insights with greater speed and accelerate their learning curve, Digital Science’s team of expert consultants are available to work with you. We can help you quickly assess your existing collaborations or identify new academic, industry and government partners.

Evolution or Revolution

All parts of the research ecosystem naturally change as research techniques evolve and knowledge expands.  Regardless of whether your organisation is in an evolutionary or revolutionary phase, the right data and tools can make the difference.

Beyond Benchmarking

As research has become more professionalised in both the academic and private sectors, organisations have sought to find partners and collaborators to better understand how their research can be translated to serve different communities in different ways, and attract the best experts to join them in their work.  Simple benchmarking analyses have given way to approaches that should be available to everyone.

  • Identify your research strengths, map your impact and discover new partners
  • Identify emergent fields, benchmark your portfolio and map how data sharing is changing
  • Discover promising fields and find research partners for outsourcing opportunities
  • Understand the context of your funding strategy

Together we can help you overcome your challenges

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