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Hundreds of funders trust our products and services, including:

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Digital Science serves hundreds of funders with data, tools, software, and expertise. From data-driven funding decisions, to advanced analytics, to tools for finding peer reviewers, to trusted grants management solutions, we provide a full range of capabilities to serve a range of your grantmaking and funding needs, pre and post award. 

Finding experts and reviewers

We understand that funders need a high volume of expert peer reviewers every grant cycle. Digital Science provides access to accurate, data-driven search results to find reviewers and manage the grant application process. Identifying candidates with the right kind of knowledge and no potential conflicts of interest doesn’t have to be difficult – our tools help you find the best fit for each application, quickly and efficiently.  You can also use our tools to track researchers after they’ve left your team to see how their career progresses.

Discover some of our time-saving strategies for finding reviews – some here in a webinar, and some here in a blog post.


Ensure your grant funding is strategic and impactful

We enable funders to see the downstream effect of funded projects on other publications, policy, and patents, for maximum impact of funding. Use our tools to track grantees over the course of their career and review their contributions to the field. Digital Science ensures grant funding is impactful and strategic. 

Advanced analysis

Our team of analysts and experts can assist with any type of custom analysis, from topic modelling to reporting, program evaluation to portfolio analysis, including automated reporting and enrichments to your existing data, classification and coding. Our support comes in many forms, from one-off analysis to onsite support for your teams.

Looking for a new grants management system?

Digital Science serves hundreds of funders in research with software, data, and services, and provides a highly rated Symplectic Grant Tracker; a mature, fully-featured, end-to-end grants management system. Contact us to see if Symplectic Grant Tracker can save you money and do more for you, including increasing the impact of funding.

Collaborate on global challenges

We support global funder collaboration by providing platforms, enriched grants data, know-how, coding support, and much more. Funder groups we serve include ICRP, HRA, NAPHRO, and IAMHRF.

Digital Science hosted a panel of experts to discuss how our tools can be used to foster collaboration amongst funders. The presentations covered open data initiatives shared analytical tools for funders and creating custom publication databases at a consortium level. 

Demonstrate public engagement

Whether you want to deep dive into the online attention for one single publication or a group of research outputs, we can help display and assess the online engagement coming from news, blogs, social media, policy, and citations. 


Inform funding strategies

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to leverage Dimensions grant and patent data to help inform your strategies.

Watch the recording

Monitor grantee results

CC Grant tracker is rated as one of the best grant management systems.

Find out more

Finding, evaluating, promoting impact

Watch this recording to learn how we can help you understand the impact of your research.

Watch the recording

Tell the story of your research

Complementary tools that continually scans news, social media, policy, patents and more.

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