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At Digital Science, we create, develop, invest in, and nurture software that helps researchers at every stage of the research cycle, freeing them up to get on with the job at hand – making a positive impact on all of society. Our portfolio of software solutions supports researchers from the inception of an idea all the way through to the assessment of that research.

Planning and managing research

Once you have successfully applied for funding for your research project, it is time to get planning. You may be managing a project for the first time so you’ll need to start by identifying your research question. You can conduct a research landscape analysis, contextualise your research, and determine your research questions. 

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With Dimensions you have free access to a vast collection of research outputs and tools.

Symplectic Grant Tracker helps you to keep track of, and manage your research project milestones and deliverables, from grant application through to outputs and impact.

Scismic helps you recruit your research team from the widest talent pool.

Share, organise and manage your data and research outputs with Figshare. Find out more about some of the general features offered on our free accounts.

Discovering and managing research literature

Before a research project begins, a thorough literature review must be conducted to confirm what research has already been done, and better identify what remains unknown within your topic. A reference management tool helps source, collect and organise your reference material to produce a bibliography or reference list.

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Dimensions’ full-text search offers a breadth of search results across journals and books.

Setting up a free account enables you to: create favourites, export data for bibliometric mapping, link your publications to your ORCID record and more.

ReadCube and Papers by ReadCube are your personal library of research – helping you work smarter and better manage the scholarly literature that you’re passionate about. ReadCube’s robust platform supports you every step of the way from finding the right papers, annotating and organizing to collaborating with colleagues, and even helping you cite in your own research document.

Experiment and analyse

Easily gather and manage your data, and share workflows using Figshare. Upload experimental data and code as it is collected straight to your Figshare account, and share it with your colleagues and collaborators for dynamic peer review. Share supplemental material such as videos and images to bring your research to life with Figshare and make the most of online global collaboration opportunities by sharing all of your outputs in an open, globally-accessible research information repository.

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  • With Figshare you can share your research outputs in real-time, along with any code and supplementary materials
  • Work interoperably and seamlessly – Figshare helps you manage your research data, improving your research efficiency and increasing your potential for global collaboration

Writing up and publishing your research

Scan a draft of your paper for robustness, FAIR-ness, transparency and reproducibility of your methodology and results write-up using Ripeta. Easily format your journal submission in the required format with Overleaf. Make the most of Overleaf’s interoperability with Figshare and Gigantum and easily import your images, graphs and other research information. The Writefull integration within Overleaf ensures that you are writing in a grammatically correct format – perfect if you are submitting a paper in English when it may not be your first language.

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Overleaf is an online collaborative writing and publishing tool. You can write your paper in the required format for your journal of choice, and also easily reformat your draft should you need to.

The Writefull Overleaf Extension checks grammar and gives language feedback on the text you write in Overleaf.

With Figshare you can upload any file format  and share it with anyone in the world. Each piece of work gets a DOI, including negative and null results.

Colleagues and other experts can offer feedback on your work in an informal peer-review process by openly hosting your work on Figshare as a preprint or even a work-in-progress.

Scan a draft of your paper for robustness, FAIR-ness, transparency and reproducibility of your methodology with Ripeta.

ReadCube and Papers by ReadCube include SmartCite, a powerful Word & Google Docs compatible citation tool that makes writing your next paper a breeze. SmartCite is fast, easy-to-use, supports over 9000+ styles, and most importantly, makes it easy to collaborate on documents with colleagues.

Evaluating your research

Research evaluation helps you analyse the reach, impact of, and engagement with your research, as well as the effectiveness of your research in returning value for money. This can be difficult to measure, and citations do not tell the full story. Our tools can help track and measure engagement with, and demonstrate the impact of your research.

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Monitor and track early engagement: you can start collating online mentions and shares of your research as soon as it is published, meaning you can get almost immediate feedback on how it is being received, long before any citation data becomes available.

Check out the Altmetric attention score for any publication. The Altmetric Bookmarklet is a free browser plug-in that lets you instantly see Altmetric data for any publication with a DOI.

Link your ORCiD account with Dimensions.  An up-to-date publications list helps to make your research more discoverable and ensures you receive credit for your full body of work.

Whether you are creating a submission for your funding organisation or for a research excellence activity, Dimensions can showcase both the Altmetric attention score of your research and any linked outputs in the form of patents and policy documents

Manage your research profile to keep track of all your research, teaching and engagement with Symplectic Elements. With this living resume you never have to worry about remembering what you presented, where, or when.

With Symplectic Grant Tracker keep track of how your outputs are helping you achieve your research goals, including the impact of, and engagement with your research.


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