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Advancing the research ecosystem

Our vision is of a future where a trusted and collaborative research ecosystem drives progress for all. 

Working in partnership with the academic community, we create pioneering technology to inform your strategic direction and make open, collaborative and inclusive research possible. 

Our products are used by 21 of the Times Higher Education Top 25 globally ranked institutions, and 17 of the 24 members of the UK Russell Group of Top Universities.

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250+ academic instiutional customers, times higher education top ranked institutions use our products, 30+ countries across the globe use Digital Science products
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How can we support you?

Research strategy

Access unparalleled data and insights to analyze the funding landscape and sharpen your research strategy.

  • Dimensions analyzes and reports on scholarly, economic and broader impacts to inform research strategy and accelerate discoverability.
  • Dimensions Perspectives & Insights you can benchmark your institution or any organization against others – to identify trends, patterns and opportunities.
  • Symplectic Elements lets you analyze and report on research activities across your institution, allowing you to see trends, track progress, and identify new areas of strategy potential.


Analyze the current landscape to find potential academic and industry collaboration partners. Empower researchers to collaborate and disseminate research faster and more easily.

  • Dimensions analyzes the current academic landscape and helps you identify new collaboration opportunities worldwide to drive your research strategy forward.
  • Overleaf helps researchers stay on the same page while writing their scientific documents in LaTeX with real-time collaboration, track changes, visual editor, and clever integrations that make writing faster and easier.
  • Papers reference management solution connects collaborators with shared libraries and customizable workflows, so you can ensure your team is on the same page.


Analyze awarded grants and pinpoint potential collaborators for more compelling grant applications. 

  • Dimensions helps you make more compelling grant applications, with access to unique grant data. You can rank potential funders and identify and gauge the strengths of your competitors.
  • Altmetric measures the wider influence of your research across news, websites, blogs, social media and more to improve funding applications.  
  • Symplectic Grant Tracker streamlines the management and administration of grant-making and ensures that your grant funding is strategic and impactful.

Research workflow

Optimize efficiency with cost-effective access to relevant research, in a way that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows. 

  • Figshare shares, showcases and manages all of your institution’s research outputs and implements a research data management workflow that works for you.
  • Symplectic Elements reduces the administrative burden of research information management, ingesting data from a wide range of sources to build a truly comprehensive picture of institutional data.
  • Dimensions is designed to support different groups within your institution, from research administrators to students and research staff.
  • Overleaf makes the authoring process faster and easier with real-time collaboration, clever integrations, and a streamlined submission process for several major publishers.

Research integrity

Ensure the highest standards of research integrity and help to build global trust in research.

  • Dimensions Research Integrity identifies the quality and research integrity of over 33 million publications thanks to TrustMarkers – the hallmarks of responsible science.
  • Figshare encourages open and transparent research with proficient research data management infrastructure.


Comply with government, funder and internal compliance mandates.

  • Symplectic Elements gives you the tools to comply with national and institutional standards, governmental reporting and Open Access mandates.
  • Figshare supports your researchers with funder and publisher data sharing policies with proficient research data management infrastructure.
  • Dimensions connect the dots by running multiple search types to find conflicts of interest and disclosures.

Research security

Better understand your level of exposure to foreign influence, vet potential researchers and respond to compliance requirements to protect your institution’s reputation, its researchers and funding.

  • Dimensions screen potential collaboration partners from high-risk countries or institutions, such as those backed by a foreign military. Or reveal both direct and indirect funding sources, private as well as public funders.

Impact and evaluation

Objectively identify areas where you excel and the up-and-coming researchers within your institution. Enhance the visibility of these achievements by the community.

  • Figshare helps researchers get credit for all of their research outputs with citations, Altmetric attention data and usage metrics.  
  • Altmetric monitors the influence of your research and demonstrates societal impact. 
  • Symplectic Elements showcases and reports on all of your scholarly activities, faculty members and outputs, helping you demonstrate impact through both qualitative and quantitative measures.

What do our customers say?


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“From a school point of view, you want to grow in areas where there are going to be good funding opportunities – and that was the unique piece that we could find through Dimensions that we couldn’t get through other sources.” 

Jeffrey Holmes, Dean of Engineering, University of Alabama at Birmingham


Altmetric graphic

“Altmetric’s data and reporting functionality provided enable us to track the influence of our work on public policy. This is incredibly useful insight into the real world application and value of our research outputs.”

University of Cambridge

Symplectic Elements


“With this partnership, we have the opportunity to position ourselves as a world leader in the development of the scholarly ecosystem.”

Keith Webster, Dean of University Libraries


ReadCube graphic

“I find utilizing the product for helping find the PDFs saves precious time. Plus, I access and edit the articles in the cloud, so stepping away from work and coming back to it is seamless.”

Rebecca A. Caton, MLIS, Director of Library Services, Midwestern University

Case Studies

Tracking institutional societal impact with Altmetric

University of Pretoria logo

The University of Pretoria set up a project aimed at enhancing the visibility and impact of its research output by integrating its institutional repository (DSpace) into the Altmetric Explorer.

Supporting better collaboration with Dimensions      

University Alabama Birmingham logo

Jeffrey Holmes, the Dean of Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, explains how Dimensions has supported their hiring process and their search for better collaborations.

Directing the focus on new scientific research with Dimensions

University of Minnesota logo

Dimensions unlocks key analysis possibilities and has profound implications for how to approach research across the globe.

Using open access to engage with researchers with Figshare

Open access is an opportunity to engage with researchers and find new ways of helping them to share their work with the world.

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