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Advancing Innovations in Scholarly Communication

Scholarly communication is central to today’s research process. It is the creation, evaluation and dissemination of knowledge acquired through the act of research. This further includes the way in which research is reported on, and how that knowledge is translated from the lab to the wider research community.

At Digital Science, we believe that effective scholarly communication adds value to research. This transfer of knowledge has taken a specific form for many centuries, however, an ever-changing and evolving research ecosystem requires a fresh approach to best support the communication of research findings in a way that most appropriately aligns with today’s research.

We want to support a world in which scholarly communication has successfully moved to a new model that is able to fully encapsulate the emergent nature of research, and allow that to be leveraged in the most impactful way possible. We want our software solutions to move the research community towards a more contextualised writing and communication experience.

Supporting Meaningful Communication

Changing scholarly communication infrastructures

Planned serendipity

Most discoveries were stumbled on ‚Äúserendipitously” and serendipity fuels innovation. Our tools, such as ReadcubeAltmetric and Dimensions help to create a foundation that advances the research to a new era beyond our imagination.

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