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Investing in today for the research of tomorrow

Built by founders, for founders.

Every single aspect of Digital Science is focused on helping game-changing founders succeed, building businesses that rewire the world of research for the better, for as many people as possible. We want to reduce the time from new ideas to life-changing innovations. By bringing our combined experience together, we provide access to an unrivalled array of knowledge, contacts, skills and capital.

We look for companies where Digital Science’s added value leads to competitive advantage. Our portfolio has grown because of the benefits each company can bring to each other. By combining our routes to market, data and commercial experience with great products, we succeed.

We work with companies from pre-seed through growth to series A and beyond, with a view to investing in businesses that are aligned with our strategic mission – to advance research for the broader good of humanity. 

For earlier stage ideas, our Catalyst Grant programme has received a wide-ranging set of proposals – from lab-automation tools and artificial intelligence approaches to just aboutevery part of the research cycle. Several Digital Science investments have come either directly or indirectly out of the Catalyst programme, including OverleafRipetaScismicTetraScience and Writefull.

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We support a diverse set of businesses, markets and leaders

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Got a really early stage idea?

In 2023, Digital Science is looking to support AI driven language technologies in line with our mission to support better, open, collaborative and inclusive research. With this in mind, Digital Science is looking for the best and most innovative uses of generative AI to support the research enterprise.

Are you a later-stage company?

We support later-stage companies with growth capital and acquire profitable businesses with the potential to be leaders in their domestic or international market. We are experienced investors and we want to help not hinder. Our approach is flexible on the transaction size and the shareholding in the company.

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Steve Scott, Director of Portfolio Development

Steve Scott | Director of Portfolio Development

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