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What we do at OntoChem

OntoChem’s text mining, natural language processing and semantic data extraction technologies make the most of all internal and external data sources available in organizations. Our products help them to extract information from unstructured and structured data and to turn it into knowledge for research and discovery, as well as for decision-making. 

Our innovative technologies offer large-scale and future-proof solutions that maximize the organization and discovery of data. In addition, our information discovery tools help companies to find information by automatically indexing and analyzing internal as well as external data collections.  

We are on a mission:  to make not only your content, but all the world’s scientific and  IP-relevant content semantically discoverable and therefore ever more valuable.

Our Products


A semantic search tool that supports life and material science communities – covering life science concepts from more than 20 knowledge domains. It enables in-house chemical structure and substructure meta search over full text documents using sophisticated concept-based queries from more than one billion knowledge facts extracted from internal and external text sources like PMC/Medicine, clinical trials and databases like ChEMBL. 

SciWalker also includes the Ontologies meta search engine and OC Processor annotation pipeline, which are also available separately (see below).

OntoChem Ontologies

This provides a range of ontologies for specific medical and biochemical applications – such as Anatomy, Antibodies, Cell lines or Chemistry – which can all be added to the SciWalker platform, or provided on their own.  It can manage complex facts from any knowledge domain with extreme efficiency, yet is easy to use as it does not require any pre-defined data schema and can be integrated with any in-house search capabilities.

OntoChem Processor

A highly customizable, easy-to-use, standalone document normalization and annotation pipeline. The OntoChem Processor allows you to enter text from any source, and the processor tool will quickly annotate the text with identified terms and categories related to OntoChem’s stock ontologies and term libraries, instantly surfacing terms and concepts connected to any one of OntoChem’s multiple ontologies. As a result, users can easily identify semantic concepts in both internal and external texts – from company names to diseases to proteins and chemical compounds.

OntoChem in Practice

Pharma Industry Products

OntoChem products have a number of uses in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, a careful semantic analysis of disease-related protein targets and their binding see spatial or functional similarity with other proteins. Consequently, we suggest innovative starting points for further medicinal and chemical optimization work, an example of which is the starting point that led to the development of Almorexant. 

Cosmetic Industry Products

Other uses of OntoChem product in the cosmetic industry include semantic, structural analysis of natural products from edible plants. The biological properties of such plants that have been published are used to design synergistic combinations of natural, innovative cosmetic products. Because the process and results differ from classic cosmetic product development, there is a clear and demonstrable benefit of the use of our products.

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