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Decision Intelligence through Knowledge Democratization
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What we do at metaphacts

With our product metaphactory, you fast-track your Knowledge Graph journey and drive enterprise-wide knowledge democratization.

Our platform supports semantic knowledge modeling and knowledge generation, and enables on-demand citizen access to consumable, contextual and actionable insights. This allows you to reach smarter business decisions with data.

Improve data literacy through meaningful and actionable insights

A Knowledge Graph provides a machine-understandable view of your data; metaphactory makes that view human-understandable through intuitive exploration, search and visualization interfaces that deliver actionable insights for your users’ daily tasks.

Capture hidden expert knowledge in your knowledge model

metaphactory allows you to semantically model domain-specific knowledge across functional and use case boundaries. Knowledge becomes an explicit, shared asset that is captured and published through one central portal and can be consumed by all relevant people, processes, or tools in the enterprise. Additionally, with metaphactory, your business users, domain experts / SMEs, ontology engineers, and taxonomists can actively collaborate on and contribute to the semantic model.

Build Knowledge Graph applications to match your enterprise requirements

With its low-code approach to building custom interfaces that enable business-user interaction with the Knowledge Graph, metaphactory accelerates your time-to-market for new digital services and products. Our platform allows you to start with a targeted business case, iterate often and extend the use case, semantic model and data sources on the fly.

metaphacts Resource Hub

Knowledge democratization solutions for

Pharma and Life Sciences

metaphactory helps you accelerate research innovation through consumable knowledge and actionable insights

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Engineering and Manufacturing

metaphactory helps you drive digital transformation by enabling citizen access to consumable knowledge and decision support

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Cultural Heritage

metaphactory provides you with a flexible approach to data publishing, and supports cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge creation

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Get started with metaphactory for free and accelerate your Knowledge Graph journey!

  • Browse & explore your Knowledge Graph out-of-the-box
  • Build intuitive interfaces for search, discovery & data curation
  • Share your results with colleagues
  • Highlight the benefits of the Knowledge Graph to your decision makers
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