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Forging partnerships to overcome global research challenges

At Digital Science, we believe in collaboration, communication, and an open and inclusive research culture. Our goal is to support all members of the research community through our specific software solutions, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we love to forge partnerships with groups and organisations who share our values and ambitions. This makes our research community stronger.

Digital Science’s family of portfolio products strongly reflects those values. They have each been developed with the research community’s needs in mind. We ensure that, through our engagement events, we understand the latest challenges researchers are facing. Many of our team members also have first-hand researcher experience, and understand the challenges that those in the research profession face.

We are always looking for new ways to help our community. If you are interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you.

Supporting Standards

We have first-hand experience of working in research. We understand the challenges, and we have the know-how to overcome them through robust research infrastructure, and in particular through the adoption of persistent identifiers (PIDs). Many of our products have integrated ORCID researcher identifiers, including Figshare, Symplectic Elements, Dimensions, and Overleaf. We have have also overcome our own PID-related challenges through the development of the Global Research Identifier Database (GRID). GRID is a free-to-use institutional identifier which adds another layer of metadata to research outputs, and can be incorporated into many systems. GRID provided the seed data for the Research Organisation Registry (ROR), and Digital Science continues to work with our community to integrate PIDs for better-linked metadata that allows us to gain actionable insights from the analysis of research information.

  •  ORCID uses GRID identifiers to create a richer research context by drawing on linked metadata
  • Digital Science has integrated ORCID researcher persistent identifiers within many of its platforms, including FigshareSymplectic ElementsDimensions, and Overleaf
  • Symplectic are a Certified Service Provider for ORCID
  • We contribute our GRID institutional identifier data to the Research Organization Registry (ROR)
  • GRID brings together other persistent identifiers and adds more richness to the metadata available about each institute by including geographic location, NUTS3 region codes, and much more
  • Figshare adheres to DOI best practices and is capable of ‘minting’ DOIs on behalf of universities and institutions
  • Altmetric was involved in the working groups convened by NISO (the US National Information Standards Organization) to formulate proposed codes of conduct for altmetrics data and providers
  • Digital Science was on the Planning Committee for the annual NISO Plus conference, helping shape the topics and themes of the conference, and ensuring that our community were well represented in all standards-related discussions

Driving Open Data Practices

Driving Innovation

We collaborate with initiatives that unite experts to solve problems, such as our sponsorship of the eLife Innovation Sprint. We create platforms for engagement and communication through events such as Sci Foo, an annual gathering of the greatest researchers and thinkers at Google’s Googleplex in California, USA. We are also one of the four founding partners of The Research on Research Institute (RoRI), a consortium of organisations striving to identify, and break down barriers to inclusion in all aspects of research.

  • Digital Science, the Wellcome Trust, and the Universities of Sheffield and Leiden joined forces to establish the Research on Research Institute (RoRI).  This international consortium of funders, academics, and technologists is committed to transformative and translational research on research

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