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Advancing Research Impact and Reputation

There are many factors involved in generating quality research outputs. They are the product of long hours spent securing funding, challenging the norm, conducting novel work, collaborating, publishing and disseminating your final findings so that others can build on them. For many researchers, the end goal is to help society overcome some of the biggest challenges it faces. But how can we measure the impact of research on society? And how can we use the insights we gain to inform future decision-making?

‘Impact’ has become something of a buzzword in recent times. Researchers are continuously seeking new ways to quantify their effect on society, often to satisfy the requirements of funders or research impact exercises, such as the REF in the UK. However, is it really necessary for all research to demonstrate a tangible impact? Are we in danger of stifling groundbreaking research that could underpin the impactful discoveries of tomorrow?

Our goal is to help the community answer these questions. At Digital Science, we are working to:

  • Enable the identification of any areas of potential impact that have previously gone unnoticed
  • Determine areas in which research topics can be united to create greater impact
  • Help researchers establish the need for impact in their research planning, and the best route to achieving that impact

Defining Impact

We want to help to shape a research culture in which all parties can claim the credit and recognition that they deserve. We want to contribute to building a societal culture in which expertise is valued.

New Challenges Need a New Approach

We want to help to shape a world in which academics are valued not by the name or impact factor of the journals in which they’ve published, but on the substance and quality of their own research. We believe that our software solutions, and the insights gained from analysing the data they contain, can help our community create that world.

Beyond Benchmarking


Measuring In Context

Building Context for Search and Evaluation

Real-Time Bibliometrics

Gathering Benchmarking Insights and Tracking Impact

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