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Precision Hiring for The Life Sciences
For Job Seekers and Employers

Scismic connects scientists to jobs

Scismic uses skill-matching technology to connect scientists to jobs that need their skills. We are built by scientists who have first-hand experience in both job seeking and hiring within the Life Sciences industry. We are funded by the NIH to help address the need for a more diverse and inclusive Life Science workforce. Our goal is to help push scientific innovation forward by bridging the academia and industry through the workforce.

15 minutes
the time it takes to create a profile
of hires are underrepresented scientists
of applicants are called by hiring managers

Our job matching technology will increase your chances of hearing from hiring managers by 5x

  • Fast and free: Create a profile in just 15 minutes and start receiving job matches. 
  • Accurate: Apply directly to jobs you’re already qualified for, sent straight to you by our skills-matching technology.
  • Invested in you career: We’re not just all about bringing you jobs. We make sure you’re guided through the process.
  • Did we mention it’s absolutely free?

We help you hire scientists within 6 weeks

  • Recruit smarter: Get targeted matches with our sourcing and screening technology. Screen 20 applicants to interview 10 vs screening 100 applicants to interview 10 with traditional recruiting.
  • Save time: Get Qualified scientists in just 3 weeks.
  • Reduced-Bias: 47% of Scismic hires are underrepresented scientists!
  • Ask us how!

‘One major barrier to scientific innovation is workforce development. We wanted to help fellow researchers to find workplaces in academia and industry that would enable them to do their best science, and drive more research into the market.”


“Scismic asks for the correct info in the job profile and is more detailed than other job sites. As more candidates join Scismic, I would use it again to find qualified candidates.”


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