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Symplectic tools and services

Symplectic works in pursuit of the advancement of knowledge, delivering flexible knowledge management solutions that help universities, institutions and funding organisations achieve their research goals.

Our flagship products include Symplectic Elements, a research information management system that captures, analyses and showcases scholarly activities, and Symplectic Grant Tracker, which provides funders and grant-making organisations with specialist tools to streamline the grants management lifecycle. 

Symplectic Elements

Elements is a highly-configurable research management system which ingests data from multiple sources to build a truly comprehensive picture of organisational data. Institutions can structure and connect scholarly information throughout the research lifecycle: reducing administrative burden, deriving powerful new insights, and showcasing the real-world impact of research. Find out more

Symplectic Grant Tracker

Designed from the outset to meet research funding needs, Grant Tracker includes features to assist applicants, reviewers, committees and funders and help them to work efficiently and effectively across the grants management lifecycle.  Find out more

Symplectic Elements is used by 115+ scholarly organisations around the world

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Rated as one of the best grant management systems

In the industry trusted idealware report ‘A Consumers Guide to Grants Management Software‘, Symplectic Grant Tracker (formerly CC Grant Tracker) is one of the highest-rated grant management systems.

Symplectic Grant Tracker is used by 50+ grant awarding bodies and philanthropic organisations

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